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Crown jewel of the Ionian Islands, Corfu is one of the must-visit destinations in Greece, especially so for the traveller who seeks to become one with the unmatched Greek nature and the picturesque scenery.

Vast lands of dense vegetation, filled with olive trees, vineyards, and colourful wildflowers,

and the stapleazure of the Ionian Sea will definitely steal every visitor’s heart, since Corfu is well-known as a green island.

Its celebrated olive groves count more than 4 million olive trees dated back to the 14th century while some of them are more than 1000 years old! History has it that the Corfiot oil kept the lamps burning in all the Venetian Republic's cities on the Adriatic back in the day.

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    • Yet, the Corfu island’s undeniable beauty is complemented by its architecture as well. The Old Town of Corfu perfectly marries the Baroque era with Renaissance- no wonder why it is acclaimed as a UNESCO world heritage site! Take a stroll through the cobbled alleyways and vaulted passages of Corfu’s villages and towns, visit fortresses and palaces of the Venetian era, and enjoy evening promenades in the secluded squares surrounded by the remarkable works of multicultural architecture.

      And when you feel the Ionian Sea calling to you, let the Greek sun pamper your skin and the local delicacies spoil your palate in the numerous seaside taverns and restaurants on a coastline of more than 130 miles.

      Visitors to Corfu can arrive to the island either by air or sea since it is one of the best-connected islands of Greece. Corfu has all the necessary amenities on offer, including general hospital.