Philosophy of Natura Estate Corfu Villas

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In ancient Greece, notions like generosity and courtesy were sacred.

It is said that the god Zeus was the protector of hospitality.

Mythos has it that he would disguise himself as a humble stranger and bestow rewards upon the ones who catered after him. In Natura Estate Corfu Villas we practice the same values reverently.

We open our estate to our guests with the same care and warmth as we would, had they visited our own home. Our primary concern is to provide accommodation that will foster everything you dreamt of for your vacation.

With respect to the environment, we have created an idyllic scenery within a 7.5-acre land, secluded among perennial olive trees and the inviting sounds of the sea that lies at the doorstep. A place of contemporary architecture with traditional touches coupled with everything modern comfort can give. All to allow our guests to harmonise with the sublime nature of Corfu and spend memorable moments of relaxation with a splash of luxury.

Booking with us is not just about finding a place to stay during your holidays. In Natura Estate Villas we are all about creating unforgettable stories. Together.